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  About Us
  The Paint Center has been serving Abilene and the "Friendly Frontier" for over 35 years.  We were founded in 1971 by Dean Hagler, under the name T.C.I. Paint Center. Our initial location was on  North 6th. We later moved to the North 1st location.  In 1983, we purchased land on South 1st and built our present building. We have gone through several remodels, and now have what we feel is one of the nicest, cleanest, most exciting paint stores in Texas.  Our decorative painting showroom is unique, treating faux finishes like a work of art and then displaying them like real art. We feel that if you can see it, feel it, and learn how to do it--you'll want it!  Our staff is creative, knowledgeable and fun.  We try and build relationships with our customers, not just sell them something.  We are fortunate to have many third generation customers.  We invite you in to experience the difference a dedicated group of people can make in you painting and decorating projects.    
paint center 1972
  Here is an old photo showing our location on North 1st.
It was taken shortly after our opening in 1972.
paint center 1979
  This photo show the store on North 1st after the strip center remodeled
the exterior.  The painting in the foreground was the largest painting
we had ever framed.  We no longer do framing.  Circa 1979.
paint center 2008
  This is how our store looks today. The exterior was repainted in 2006
with the help of all our guys.  The top section features a faux finish
effect glazing a dark brown over a burnt orange base.  This took
some time but was well worth the effort.
faux finish
  This is our wall of faux finish ideas. We treated the finishes like
art--which they are.  We can show you the actual colors used and tell
you how to do the technique.  We are the faux finish experts!
paint area
  This is a shot of our color center area.  We sell both Coronado and
Pittsburgh Paints small color samples, so you can buy a few and
test the colors in your home at, in your light, and determine if the color
works for you!

koi pond
  This is our "faux" koi fish pond. The rocks are real, everything
else is paint.  No feeding or cleaning is necessary!

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